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What to expect from our Classical Pilates course…

NEWS: We are delighted to be starting a Classical Pilates course in Henfield – Wednesday evenings starting 1st June

Our Classical Pilates 4-week course offers a unique introduction to the Classical Pilates repertoire, introducing you to the physical benefits and challenges of this whole body conditioning form of exercise. This course is ideal for those who are already active and enjoy regular exercise and/or sports and want to improve their performance, flexibility and total body strength.

To give you a sneak preview, here’s what to expect from our upcoming Classical Pilates courses…


1.Expect dynamic, challenging classes that work all areas of the body

Classical Pilates is a challenging workout for the whole of the body. The exercises challenge strength and stamina using the Pilates mat and body weight movements. This whole-body conditioning system was designed by Joseph Pilates to be a sequence of exercises that progress rhythmically from one to the other, to strengthen and condition the body. This also results in improved muscle tone and flexibility, improving overall muscle mass.

2. Expect to boost sports performance and prevent injury 

If you are a keen athlete or gym goer, Classical Pilates is a fantastic accompaniment to any training regime. By addressing muscular imbalances, improving strength and control of the core muscles and those surrounding the spine, Pilates increases your body’s resilience and can also promote faster, more effective workouts outside of your Pilates classes. Your coordination and balance will also be challenged- two skills vital for many sports. If you are a runner, our Pilates for Runners post may be right up your street.

Pilates for Runners

3. Leave feeling energised (and with a greater sense of mental wellbeing)

Joseph Pilates, the inventor of the Pilates method, was a keen advocate of whole body awareness and vigorous exercise to improve circulation, digestion and to stimulate venous flow and healthy breathing cycles. Stimulating all parts of the body, from your fingers to your toes, is vital to retaining these benefits of the Pilates method. Our Classical Pilates classes use whole body movements that work to stimulate the muscular and the nervous system to leave you feeling mentally and physically energised.

Pilates is also the ultimate mind and body workout. Joseph Pilates believed firmly in the connection between the mind and the body-  and created his method along these lines. Each exercise requires focus and dedication. Classical Pilates classes allow you time to focus on you and your body- promoting stress relief and an improved sense of overall wellbeing. Many of our clients have commented on sleeping better after their classes!

4. Improve your posture and leave feeling taller 

Classical Pilates trains the deep, postural muscles surrounding the spine and the joints. This promotes optimum postural alignment and balances the body effectively to reduce the stresses placed upon it. Poor posture creates muscular imbalances that place stress upon the spine, upon other joints of the body and may lead to injury or aches and pains if not addressed. Elongation of the body is key to all the Classical Pilates exercises. This improves flexibility, alignment and corrects muscular imbalances so your body can move the way it was designed to.


Our Classical Pilates course will be running on Wednesday evenings from the 1st June. Spaces are limited to 12- we would hate you to miss out! Book your 1:1 postural and core assessment today or contact us for more information on how to reserve your space.  Click here to find out more about Classical Pilates.

‘I joined Liz’s Pilates class over 7 years ago looking to improve my core strength as I had been having issues with my lower back. My weekly fitness routine includes several sessions of spin and pump and much as I love a hot sweaty workout to loud music, I wouldn’t be without my weekly Pilates class!’ Claire