Holistic Massage

Massage is one of the world’s oldest treatments. It’s been scientifically proven to reduce stress,
boost your immune system and aid in muscle relaxation to support injury prevention and recovery.

Holistic massage is a deeply relaxing hands on therapy, releasing tension, relieving stress and help you to clear your mind and let go of all the worries in your head. Using a range of massage techniques, bespoke to your needs, our holistic therapist Rosie will assess your health and general well being, and then you’ll be invited to relax in the comfort and privacy of our warm and welcoming treatment room.

Holistic massage therapy

Holistic Massage Therapy offers a deeply relaxing and restorative experience. From start to finish this treatment is about giving your mind and body the space to unwind, soften and recharge.

Using Neal’s Yard aromatherapy products, Rosie our Holistic Massage Therapist draws from her extensive training and experience to design a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs, using a combination of swedish massage techniques, ‘no hands’ massage, deep tissue, hot stone therapy and indian head massage. The aim will be to melt away stress, tension or any localised pain you may have, addressing particular aches or pains along the way to support muscular balance and postural ease. Rosie combines a range of holistic massage techniques to achieve a sense of wellbeing like no other – read on below to find out more,
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Rosie Beale
Holistic Massage – female only
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No hands massage

Massage without the use of the therapist’s hands is growing in popularity. It was created and developed specifically to avoid stress being put on the therapist’s hands and wrists, thus making it a much more comfortable massage.  However, it was found that clients also benefited from this technique, subtly aware that there was a difference in treatment style.

How does ‘no hands massage’ work? This type of massage treatment uses mainly the soft surfaces of the therapist’s forearms combined with body weight, providing an effective, relaxing deep tissue massage to relax you fully.  No hands massage is tailored fully to your needs; whether you want to relieve muscle tension or you’re simply looking forward to a gentle nurturing massage, this technique is adapted to suit you.

Hot stone massage fusion

If you’re looking for a deeply relaxing, highly effective massage treatment, hot stone massage is just for you. Hot stone therapy was established some years ago at the original Stone Spa in New York. The application of gentle heat to sore or aching muscles can have remarkably effective results on the body, enabling rapid relaxation not only of your muscles but of your entire body.

This treatment balances the science of hydrotherapy, sports and remedial work with warm, soothing stones made of smooth black volcanic rock. After initial massage to ‘warm you up’ various shapes and sizes of stones are applied in gentle strokes: the big ones for big muscles, smaller ones on smaller muscles and so on.

It’s a very gentle treatment and the stones are kept just warm enough to work their magic; they won’t burn you and you may find that you “switch off” almost immediately. This combination of expertly applied heat and massage techniques will fast become your go-to therapy.

Indian head massage

When you have your hair done, which bit do you like the most?  For many, it’s the totally relaxing couple of minutes when conditioner is massaged into our scalps. Well, this wonderful treatment follows a similar principle. Most of us lead busy lives, carrying around tension and stress in our necks, shoulders and upper backs without even realising it.  If you’ve had a long, stressful day or simply fancy treating yourself to some relaxing “me time”, an indian head massage should be at the top of your list.

This ancient therapeutic art, based on the Avurvedic system of healing, aims to alleviate stress and aid relaxation, helping you switch off, even if just for a short while. Indian head massage is also considered a highly effective way to address insomnia and recurrent headaches or even migraine. 

Lying on our treatment couch or sitting in a chair, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Using a light oil, your therapist will apply gentle massage techniques to your upper back, your shoulders, neck and finally your scalp, working in a way that totally relaxes the muscles and eases away tension.

Contact Rosie Beale to book your treatment directly.

Rosie Beale
Holistic Massage – female only
e:  rosaliebeale@gmail.com
t: 07855 062493

Key Benefits

Total relaxation

Bask in the glow of total relaxation – holistic massage therapy offers you to the space to unwind and restore a feeling of vitality like no other.

Tailored results

Enjoy holistic massage tailored to your needs, incorporating techniques designed to give you results that you deserve.

Improved posture

Reducing tension and tight muscle knots can help you feel taller, and ease common postural areas of stiffness