About Pilates

Pilates is a movement system that offers complete and total body conditioning, designed to restore ease of movement, creating a strong, supple, elongated body.

Addressing posture, joint alignment and muscular balance, Pilates facilitates improved efficiency and fluidity of movement. Dynamic stability is the foundation of our practice, addressing the deep muscular support system or ‘inner core’ of the body, to strengthen from the ‘inside, out’.

About Pilates

Fundamentally, the Pilates method is a holistic and deliberate movement practice, deepening our own understanding of how we move, and transforming our movement potential. People at any age, at any fitness and from all walks of life can benefit from Pilates as a method that can be modified to suit the needs of the individual, both within a group setting and within private lessons. 

Practicing Pilates regularly leads to a more resilient body, more able to recover from injury and to adapt to the challenges of life.

Frequently recommended by healthcare professionals, Pilates is a safe and highly effective way to exercise for those experiencing everyday aches or pains, with recurrent back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, and supporting pre and post-natal women. It is also the ideal discipline for athletes or sports people looking to enhance performance and avoid injury.

The History of Pilates

Originally termed ‘Contrology’ by German born Joseph Pilates, this movement system was created as a comprehensive fitness regime that promoted whole body health and fitness, inspired by gymnastics, self-defence, yoga, and body building.

Joseph Pilates created a rigorous program, consisting of 34 mat exercises alongside repertoire on studio equipment, to craft strong, healthy bodies during the First World War. In fact, much of the Pilates equipment still in use today, was originally invented by Joseph Pilates himself, in order to rehabilitate soldiers in recovery.

Classical Pilates focuses on the 34 original mat based movements crafted by Joseph Pilates. The Classical Pilates exercises explore your full movement potential, developing flexibility and whole body strength.

Our Approach

At Pilates Evolved, our teachers are comprehensively trained in both Classical and contemporary, APPI Clinical Pilates. We offer Classical Pilates, for injury-free individuals seeking enhanced performance, and Clinical Pilates, a contemporary and modified form of Pilates. Clinical Pilates is based on the most current and up to date scientific research on spinal stability and pelvic stability. The APPI Clinical Pilates method is founded upon the traditional Pilates repertoire, making the movements safe, accessible, and effective for any individual within a rehabilitative setting.

Combining both approaches, our teaching style upholds the philosophy and original teaching principles of the Joseph Pilates’ method, evolving some of the original techniques and exercises in line with the Clinical Pilates method in order to suit, and meet the needs of, the individual in front of us. It is our mission to encourage all individuals to enjoy the diverse range of benefits that Pilates offers, no matter your age, fitness level, or movement restrictions. We are passionate about the lifelong benefits of Pilates for each, and every individual, and look forward to sharing these with you.

Key Benefits

Transform your posture

Pilates is the ultimate investment in your posture, targeting your musculature support system that lies in the centre of your body, which includes your deep ‘core’ and postural back muscles.

Move with ease

Focus on quality of movement in order to help with aches and pains or rehab from injury. We frequently collaborate with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors to support your therapy.

Movement for everybody

We offer levelled classes, in small groups, so that individuals of all ages, abilities and fitness levels can benefit from Pilates. Whatever your starting point, we are here to support and motivate you.