Getting Started

Pilates brings life-changing benefits that enable us all to move better, feel better and live better.
We are passionate about sharing these with every individual we teach, whatever their starting point.

Our community of clients is diverse, and inclusive. We work with individuals from age 12 – 80 and beyond, men and women, those with injuries, and the extremely fit. Whether you are completely new to Pilates, or have some prior experience, our 1:1, or small group pre-class introductions are the ideal place to get started.

Class Introductions

All newcomers to our Pilates classes are required to attend a 1:1 pre-class Introduction, or a small group Introductory workshop, prior to attending our group sessions. These appointments introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates and ensure that you are placed in the best class for you, so that you can gain the very most from your sessions. It also gives us the valuable opportunity to see how you move, to observe our posture, and understand fully your individual needs and objectives, so that we can work together to achieve the results you are seeking.

Whether you are completely new to Pilates, have prior experience, or have an injury or condition that needs considering, our class introductions are designed to equip you with what you need to begin your Pilates journey. Following your appointment, we give you tools that you can use immediately to get started, including initial home exercises tailored to your needs, and informative handouts on the key principles of Pilates.

1:1 class introductions can be booked on a time and day to suit you, whilst our small group introductory workshops tend to run on a monthly basis, subject to demand.

Want to get started today? Either get in touch with us directly to organise your introduction and discuss your options, or search the calendar for live availability below, booking in directly with one of our teachers.

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