About Us

Pilates Evolved was established over 12 years ago.
Since then we have become well known for delivering expert Pilates tuition in Henfield, West Sussex.

We are a small and friendly team of highly committed and dedicated teachers, whose passion for sharing and teaching movement, is at the heart of what we do. We believe in giving a brilliant experience to each and every individual we teach, but even more importantly, in sharing our knowledge to empower our community of clients.

Our teachers have undertaken comprehensive Pilates training, which encompasses both the traditional
Classical Pilates method, and the rehab-based approach of the APPI Clinical Pilates program.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to learning and development, and continually attend specialist courses
in order to uphold an excellent standard of tuition.

We work with a wide spectrum of clients, and understand that each client who visits us will begin their Pilates journey with individual needs, and unique goals. We meet you where you are at, to assist you in reaching
your full movement potential.

Meet your teachers

Emma Marks

Matwork and Studio Equipment Teacher

“I am passionate about Pilates because I know it WORKS! I came to Pilates as a teenager, suffering with hypermobility and painful joints. Pilates has been transformative for me, to keep my body strong, and pain-free. It is an absolute privilege to be able to share my passion and knowledge of Pilates and movement with my clients. There is nothing more rewarding than observing clients experience the tangible, and long lasting benefits of this amazing movement system.”

Qualifications & Experience

BA (Hons), Pilates in Motion London Comprehensive 600+ hours Pilates Matwork, APPI Mat certified, Lisa Bradshaw Training Academy HIP Pilates™ & Pilates Equipment.

Emma has always loved to move, enjoying a wide variety of sports from a young age, and growing up with Pilates in the background. Being a personal advocate for Pilates, in reducing her own pain and improving ease of movement, she is a firm believer in the efficacy of this movement system. Her passion for sharing, and teaching movement, is contagious, and Emma is well known for her down to earth, engaging and empathetic teaching style. 

Since qualifying over 5 years ago, Emma has worked alongside a number of the UK’s leading Pilates master teacher trainers, both within a rehabilitative clinic and a studio setting. Her diverse training includes both classical and contemporary styles of Pilates, and Clinical APPI Pilates. Emma’s wealth of experience and training has given her the knowledge, tools and expertise to intuitively guide each individual she teaches. She continues to work closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors in order to support her clients, offering Pilates to aid in rehabilitation of injuries or movement restrictions. 

Emma continues to learn from other disciplines, in order to refine and develop her teaching expertise, attending specialist courses and most recently continuing her training in functional anatomy and fascia-focused movement systems with the Art of Motion Academy, London

Liz Marks

Matwork and Studio Equipment Teacher

“I discovered Pilates years ago during the peak of my love affair with running. I had suffered a fairly painful hamstring injury and couldn’t run for weeks. Out of frustration, I tried Pilates and couldn’t believe how a few simple and basic moves transformed my recovery, when nothing else had worked. This led me to explore the world of Pilates, and I haven’t looked back since! Pilates offers me health and vitality, and, it brings me such joy to see our clients loving their weekly classes and benefitting from their sessions.”

Qualifications & Experience

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, APPI Mat/Equipment, HIP Pilates™ and Lisa Bradshaw Pilates Academy Classical Mat/Equipment, CHEK HLC 1 & Exercise Coach.

Liz’s passion for wellness and exercise expertise give her a deep understanding of her clients’ needs. She has a lifetime of experience working in health, fitness and wellbeing, all grounded by her background as a science graduate and her expert knowledge of human physiology and movement.

Over the past ten years, Liz has studied with two of the leading exercise training organisations in the world: The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) and the CHEK Institute. This expert training saw Liz develop as a specialist in her field and ensured that she can safely and consistently deliver her advanced knowledge to her clients.

It is this high-level of accredited training that provides Liz with the unique expertise to design her weekly classes for Pilates Evolved. Every time a client attends a Pilates session, her goal is to help them to feel as inspired, as she does, by the benefits that Pilates can bring.