About Us

Pilates Evolved was established over 12 years ago.
Since then we have become well known for delivering expert Pilates tuition in Henfield, West Sussex.

In June 2021, we opened the Pilates Evolved ‘Movement and Wellbeing studios’, a dedicated boutique space offering small group classes and 1:1 and 2:1 tuition in Pilates and Yoga, alongside wellbeing therapies in our upstairs therapy room, a tranquil space just a stone’s throw away from Henfield High Street.

We are a small and friendly team of highly committed and dedicated movement teachers and therapists,
whose passion for sharing our disciplines, and helping our clients, is at the heart of what we do.
We believe in giving a brilliant experience to each and every individual we teach, but even more importantly,
in sharing our knowledge to empower our community of clients.

Our Pilates teachers have undertaken comprehensive Pilates training, which encompasses both the traditional
Classical Pilates method, and the rehab-based approach of the APPI Clinical Pilates program.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to learning and development, and continually attend specialist courses
in order to uphold an excellent standard of tuition. We work with a wide spectrum of clients, and understand that each client who visits us will begin their Pilates journey with individual needs, and unique goals. We meet you where you are at, to assist you in reaching your full movement potential.

We are delighted to work alongside like minded Yoga teachers and Wellbeing therapists in order to offer a unique combination of movement classes and therapies, all complimentary to our Pilates tuition. Find out more about our team below, and join us to get started on your health, fitness, and wellbeing journey today.

Meet your teachers and therapists

Emma Marks

Pilates Matwork and Studio Equipment Teacher

“I am passionate about Pilates because I know it WORKS! I came to Pilates as a teenager, suffering with hypermobility and painful joints. Pilates has been transformative for me, to keep my body strong, and pain-free. It is an absolute privilege to be able to share my passion and knowledge of Pilates and movement with my clients. There is nothing more rewarding than observing clients experience the tangible, and long lasting benefits of this amazing movement system.”

Qualifications & Experience

BA (Hons), Pilates in Motion London Comprehensive 600+ hours Pilates Matwork, APPI Mat certified, Lisa Bradshaw Training Academy HIP Pilates™ & Pilates Equipment.

Emma has always loved to move, enjoying a wide variety of sports from a young age, and growing up with Pilates in the background. Being a personal advocate for Pilates, in reducing her own pain and improving ease of movement, she is a firm believer in the efficacy of this movement system. Her passion for sharing, and teaching movement, is contagious, and Emma is well known for her down to earth, engaging and empathetic teaching style. 

Since qualifying over 5 years ago, Emma has worked alongside a number of the UK’s leading Pilates master teacher trainers, both within a rehabilitative clinic and a studio setting. Her diverse training includes both classical and contemporary styles of Pilates, and Clinical APPI Pilates. Emma’s wealth of experience and training has given her the knowledge, tools and expertise to intuitively guide each individual she teaches. She continues to work closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors in order to support her clients, offering Pilates to aid in rehabilitation of injuries or movement restrictions. 

Emma continues to learn from other disciplines, in order to refine and develop her teaching expertise, attending specialist courses and most recently continuing her training in functional anatomy and fascia-focused movement systems with the Art of Motion Academy, London

Liz Marks

Pilates Matwork and Studio Equipment Teacher

“I discovered Pilates years ago during the peak of my love affair with running. I had suffered a fairly painful hamstring injury and couldn’t run for weeks. Out of frustration, I tried Pilates and couldn’t believe how a few simple and basic moves transformed my recovery, when nothing else had worked. This led me to explore the world of Pilates, and I haven’t looked back since! Pilates offers me health and vitality, and, it brings me such joy to see our clients loving their weekly classes and benefitting from their sessions.”

Qualifications & Experience

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, APPI Mat/Equipment, HIP Pilates™ and Lisa Bradshaw Pilates Academy Classical Mat/Equipment, CHEK HLC 1 & Exercise Coach.

Liz’s passion for wellness and exercise expertise give her a deep understanding of her clients’ needs. She has a lifetime of experience working in health, fitness and wellbeing, all grounded by her background as a science graduate and her expert knowledge of human physiology and movement.

Over the past ten years, Liz has studied with two of the leading exercise training organisations in the world: The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) and the CHEK Institute. This expert training saw Liz develop as a specialist in her field and ensured that she can safely and consistently deliver her advanced knowledge to her clients.

It is this high-level of accredited training that provides Liz with the unique expertise to design her weekly classes for Pilates Evolved. Every time a client attends a Pilates session, her goal is to help them to feel as inspired, as she does, by the benefits that Pilates can bring.

Claire Long

Pilates Matwork teacher, Massage & Facial Therapist

My passion for Pilates came from joining a class as a Student. Having worked with the human body closely through massage I began to truly realise the importance of spinal flexibility and core strength in aiding not only recovery, but improved posture and general wellbeing.

The results from a regular practice are amazing and the best part is that there are always progressions through each individual’s journey with Pilates. Through this movement system we continually learn more about our body, improving our awareness and keeping this ‘discipline’ fresh and exciting throughout, whether you are a complete beginner, or have been attending for years.

Qualifications & Experience

Active IQ Level 3 Pilates Matwork Future Fit training, 2 years Northern Institute of Massage with Eddie Caldwell, 2 years BTEC National Diploma in Beauty and Body Therapy, Microneeding/Mesotherapy with Emma Coates Training Academy, CACI non-surgical face lift and body therapy, CACI International, Member of Federation of Holistic Therapies.

My name is Claire and I am a Pilates teacher, and highly qualified Massage and Facial therapist.

I first became interested in the human body when having left school I decided to study for 2 years full time in the early 90s at a beauty college obtaining qualifications in facial therapy and body therapies including theatrical make up for theatre production and business management. Leaving beauty college I began working as a therapist alongside a very experienced Remedial Massage Therapist. They became a huge inspiration to me and encouraged me to further my skills, referring me to The Northern Institute of Massage where I studied for a further 2 years where my passion for anatomy and physiology really grew.

Having loved fitness from a late teenager, I began to realise the importance of movement and how it heavily related to postural imbalances within the body and that’s when I decided to train to become a Pilates instructor… yes !! More study for another 18 months alongside working full time and being a mother to two lovely girls.

My own personal life moved me away from the midlands and bought me to West Sussex where I have been very fortunate (and with a bit of hard graft) to start building a new clientele base offering Facial Therapy and Remedial Massage at the relaxing and tranquil Therapy Room at the Pilates Evolved studios.

Kiran Sharma

Pilates Matwork Teacher

I have always loved walking and used to go to the gym, but I have never been very fit or sporty. My hips and lower back were stiff and achy, but didn’t interfere with my life until aged 50, when I slipped a disc and got sciatica. So, I decided to do something to ‘future proof’ my body against the aging process.

The Pilates Reformer and Matwork (with Liz and Emma) helped me engage essential core and postural muscles that had been switched off through years of disuse. Retraining these improved my strength, flexibility and posture. In gaining an awareness of my body I was able to take control of it. I could move in ways I’d never been able to before.  Finding a method of exercise I loved was the key to a long-term commitment, which led to a change in career.

As a Pilates teacher, I aspire towards helping clients become a fitter, stronger and more mobile version of themselves.

Qualifications & Experience

BSc (Hons), MB.BS,Pilates in Motion London Comprehensive 600+ hours Pilates Matwork, YMCA Pilates Diploma Level 3, Lisa Bradshaw Training Academy HIP Pilates™, NLP Practitioner, and Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage

A long career in Palliative Medicine has taught me to make the most of living. I am passionate about enhancing quality of life, achieving goals, finding meaning and regaining control. These skills are all applicable to learning and teaching Pilates.
I undertook most of my practical teacher training at Pilates Evolved under the guidance of Liz and Emma and am delighted now to be joining the team. I am trained in both Contemporary and Classical Pilates, and Lisa Bradshaw’s method of HIP Pilates. I have experience in training Pilates at all levels of ability. I have experienced the benefits of the Reformer and Chair and intend to add this equipment training to my repertoire.

Each client is unique in their motivations, abilities and needs. I look forward helping them discover their potential and enjoy the experience on the way.

Maisie Ross Talbot – Journey to You

Yoga teacher, Holistic Therapist

I absolutely love helping to empower my clients to take control of their health holistically and it always puts a smile on my face to see their happiness in their own journey.  With both my therapies and Yoga I hope help to empower you to find self-connection for holistic healing of the mind, body and soul.

I invite you to turn inwards and use this meditative movement as a way to deeply connect with the self. Yoga really is for everybody and I hope to be able to share this movement therapy far and wide. Classes are full of kindness and free of judgement, your practice is your own!

Qualifications & Experience

200hrs Yoga Alliance Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher, Distinction Level 3 Reflexology (ITEC), Neutral Space Relaxation® Practitioner

Being a dancer since I was a child I have always loved movement and the shapes our body can make. After having to stop my dancing due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Yoga helped me reconnect to this love of movement as well as begin my journey to myself. There is much more to yoga than many of us think, in fact the yoga many of us know on the mat is actually only a very small slither of this ancient philosophy. In my yoga classes, although it is based around the asana (physical practice), I will share insight into these other aspects, which make up a holistic approach to life.

Angela Cridland, Holistic Angel

Yoga teacher, Holistic Therapist

“My yoga journey began over 20 years ago when, always a physical, sporty person, I discovered Bikram Yoga, delighting in its dynamic physicality. Then, during my second pregnancy, I found a deeper, spiritual bond through pregnancy yoga. It’s so wonderful to witness my shared knowledge, gained through my own practice and training, help people grow strength in their own body and mind, both on and off the mat with their lifestyle choices helping to enhance their own well being, transpiring to a smile of inner-peace and joy on their faces.”

Qualifications & Experience

As a holistic therapist Angela has actively practiced body work for over 20 years whilst attending yoga classes to help keep aches & pains and stress at bay, practicing a wide variety of yoga for many years, before deciding to train as a yoga teacher in 2019. Moving into teaching yoga felt like a natural progression for Angela, complementing her 20-year career specialising in Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki.

The Yoga training incorporated an investment of 200 hours’ class study, further home study and 5 months of teaching weekly yoga classes to family and friends.

Angela has found that gaining a much a deeper knowledge of yoga philosophy through her training has enhanced both her personal wellbeing and her treatments with clients, and is now helping more people to enhance their own wellbeing through the practice of her Yoga classes. Since qualifying Angela has taught group classes, professional sports people and yoga therapy, using her deep knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology to help alleviate specific symptoms, ranging from sciatica to anxiety.

Angela wants to help everyone discover the benefits of yoga, and feel better about themselves. Her down-to-earth approach and sense of humour helps create an atmosphere of inclusion and connection in her classes. Her ultimate aim is to help empower people by giving them achievable goals towards lifestyle changes which enhance their wellbeing and create harmony.

Lisa Cuerden

Massage and Holistic Therapist

“I have been massaging for over 17 years and have an extensive knowledge of the body through massage courses, energy healing, personal training and yoga trainings.
My massage skills and services I offer have developed so much over the years through gaining knowledge and experience of not just the physical body but deeper into the mental, emotional and spiritual body – it is all connected and I adore helping people to feel better, more energised, move with ease and pain free.”

Qualifications & Experience

Lisa is a fully qualified massage therapist specialising in Sports and Deep Tissue Massage as well as energy work.
She has been offering massage for 17+ years with clients coming back time and time again.
She loves to connect not just with the physical body to promote healing but also has an in-depth knowledge of the energy system through reiki training and over 1000 hours of a variety of yoga teacher trainings.
Lisa’s own ‘personal’ training used to be very weight training and fitness focused achieving British Deadlift Champion in 2012 and then broke her own record again in 2013, due to going through a challenging experience in regards to her health she decided to stop this and connect a little deeper with what her body and mind really required.