Pilates Classes

We offer Pilates group classes in Henfield, from our bright and airy studio venues. 

Our Pilates classes are ideal for those who like the social aspect of a class environment, and who are looking for a weekly opportunity to focus on their physical and mental wellbeing. Many of our long-standing clients report walking taller, feeling energised, and ‘floating home’, after their sessions, and it is our mission to help you feel the same.

We also teach group classes online via Zoom, and offer a Pilates on Demand service, for those who prefer to move with us from the comfort of their own homes. Find out more about our Online classes.

Our timetable is diverse, and offers a range of classes to suit every individual.

Group classes are organised by ability level, and progression is encouraged. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure that each individual can gain the maximum benefit from their sessions, with guidance and feedback from their teacher, and real results.

Our group classes are ideal for those who can commit to a regular time most weeks.
We also offer a popular, and flexible class swap system and are very happy to organise alternative class swaps when you can’t make your scheduled class.

Absolute Beginners Courses

Our Absolute Beginners Courses are ideal if you are completely new to Pilates. Designed by us, and structured around the APPI Clinical Pilates approach, they provide an in-depth, safe and effective introduction to the Pilates method, in just 4 weeks. Weekly resources are supplied as part of our 4-week program, including postural handouts, and weekly home programs, to offer you a rich learning experience, and, a full flavour for Pilates.

In-Studio Matwork classes

Group Pilates classes offer an ideal, weekly opportunity to focus on your mental, and physical wellbeing. Our group mat classes are leveled at Beginners ‘Plus’, Intermediate and Advanced levels, delivered in small groups to ensure you achieve results and reap the life-changing benefits that Pilates has to offer. Small equipment and apparatus add dimension to the classes and ensure a challenging, but supportive whole body workout.

High Intensity Power Pilates

HIP Pilates classes offer a unique and challenging twist on our regular Pilates classes, delivering a feel-great cardiovascular workout that delivers whole body strength and conditioning. Expect flowing, dynamic choreography that challenges your body and leaves you feeling truly energised. Perfect for those who love the Advanced matwork, and want an extra challenge!

Gentle & Restorative Pilates

Our Gentle and Restorative classes are designed to benefit those who require a gentle, slower paced class, or individuals recovering from injury. Pilates inspired movements, that focus on weight-bearing, light resistance and balance work, are included to encourage ease of movement, restored function, and improved bone health. Our Remedial classes are therefore particularly beneficial for those with joint issues, arthritis, osteoporosis, balance issues or chronic pain.

Key Benefits

Tangible Results

Committing to a regular weekly practice ensures progress, and results. Weekly classes hold you accountable, ensuring your health and wellbeing journey is consistently kept on track.

Friendly and supportive

Our Pilates community is friendly, supportive, and inclusive. Greet familiar faces each week, and benefit from the atmosphere of support and camaraderie that our group classes offer.

Levelled, small groups

Group classes are organised by ability level, from Beginners to Advanced, and progression is encouraged. Small group sizes ensure that individual feedback and guidance can be given.