Covid-19 Protocols

As we now reopen our In-Studio classes, your wellbeing is our top priority. We plan on not only meeting, but exceeding all the current guidelines for health and safety, and we are confident we have put into place the necessary protocols in order to do this.

Our reopening will be phased, initially we will be running a reduced timetable with reduced capacity, in order to ensure we can put all the below measures in place. We will be implementing the following protocols, which are based on our thorough risk assessment.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again in person, and continuing to offer movement
classes that allow you to reap the benefits of Pilates for your physical and mental wellbeing.
We truly appreciate your continued support and your patience, thank you.

Before arriving at the studio:

  • Complete our Covid-19 screening questionnaire and sign our new waiver prior to returning to your classes. This will ideally be completed online via our new booking system to minimise paper handing and sharing of hard copies. You are strictly required to notify us if any of this information changes whilst attending classes with us.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your specified class time. Clients arriving early will be asked to wait outside, and to maintain appropriate social distancing.
  • Arrive at the studio wearing a mask (unless you are medically exempt). We will ask you to wear this for your temperature check, and throughout communal areas until you are on your mat and ready to exercise.
  • At present, clinically vulnerable clients are asked to continue attending virtual classes or using our Pilates on Demand memberships rather than attending in-studio classes.
  • Arrive wearing your Pilates clothing and bring a minimum amount of personal belongings, to include your own mat and a hand towel or head cushion for head support, and your own water bottle.
  • As usual, we will be taking all class bookings in advance. At present, cash or cheque bookings will not be accepted. Please ensure you have paid for your classes online via our booking system, before you arrive.

Upon Arrival:

  • If you are yet to complete our Covid-19 screening questionnaire and sign our new waiver, you will be offered this in hard copy prior to attending your class.
  • Arrive only 5 minutes before your specified class time, and follow appropriate social distancing whilst you wait.
  • Across our venues, please arrive at the studio wearing a mask (unless you are medically exempt). We will ask you to wear this for your temperature check, and throughout communal areas until you are on your mat and ready to exercise.
  • Across our venues class times and appointments have been carefully staggered to avoid congregation of groups, and overlap of clients, and to ensure thorough cleaning between classes.
  • Your teacher will take the temperature of each class member using our infra-red, non touch thermometer before you enter the facility. If your temperature is above normal range (for any reason) you will not be allowed to participate. In these circumstances, you will be offered a class swap within the current term, or an alternative either online via Zoom, or a pre-recorded lesson to use at home. We will not be issuing refunds or carrying class credits over to the following term, under these circumstances.
  • Your teacher must ensure that they are symptom free and have checked their own temperature before each class. If one of us come into contact with anyone who has symptoms of Covid-19 or develop symptoms ourselves, we will follow self-isolation as per the government guidelines.
  • Clean your hands using the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance to the building.

During your class:

  • As you enter the studio, please use the hand sanitizer provided.
  • Class sizes have been reduced to provide a minimum of 2-metre distance between clients. Clear floor markers will be used to indicate spacing between clients, and where your personal mat needs to be placed. Place any personal belongings at the end of your mat, and place your mask inside your bag, or in a jacket pocket.
  • All shared, non-personal equipment, including props, will not be used for the time being.
  • We will advise the group to lie side-by-side or back-to-back (rather than face to face) once you are lying down on your mats.
  • Your teacher will maintain a minimum of 2-metre social distancing (unless an emergency situation negates this, in which case we will wear a mask and visor). You are not required to wear a mask during your class, and whilst we suggest this is entirely down to your personal choice, the official guidelines do not recommend wearing a face covering when exercising.
  • There will be no manual adjustments or corrections during your class. Your teacher will have a clearly designated position from which they can give you advice or assistance verbally, whilst maintaining appropriate distancing.
  • Where possible, windows and doors will remain open to increase ventilation.

Leaving your class:

  • Please leave your class promptly- we need time to fulfil the appropriate cleaning measures between classes, and our class timings have been arranged so there is minimal overlapping of clients and/or gym members.
  • Follow the one-way, or give-way system as you exit the building, to comply with distancing measures.
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided on your way out.

In between your classes:

  • There will be a 15-30 minute gap between classes to allow for enhanced cleaning measures and to ensure no overlapping of clients.
  • Studio floors will be disinfected between classes, with medical grade cleaner, and allowed to air dry. Your teacher will sanitise all high contact points with disinfectant spray or wipes.
  • Teachers will wash their hands according to NHS guidelines and/or use hand sanitizer between classes.

Toilets/changing rooms:

  • Toilets will be available, with enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures in place.
  • Changing rooms at the Leisure Centre will be closed. Please arrive in your Pilates appropriate clothing.