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Pilates for Older Adults: an effective way to keep fit & active?

NEWS: We are starting two NEW and unique Platinum Pilates classes at the Henfield Leisure Centre-  Monday and Wednesday afternoons from mid-October

Our new Platinum Pilates classes are based upon the APPI Clinical Pilates approach and are designed specifically for over 65s in line with current scientific research. The exercises are safe, effective and designed to improve daily function, taught largely in seated and standing positions and targeting some of the common issues associated with ageing.

Why is Pilates for Older Adults proven to be so effective? Let us explain…

Pilates restores suppleness and mobility

Are you feeling stiff or experiencing joint issues? Using specific stretches in Pilates can keep you flexible in all the right places.  We focus on mid-range stretches to gently mobilise the joints, working away from compressing the joints and towards maintaining range of movement, and even improving it. Our joints need a certain range of movement in order to perform everyday tasks comfortably and with ease. It is this ease of movement that will allow you to reap the benefits of Pilates in your everyday life and activities within it.

Pilates boosts balance and coordination 

Exercises to slowly and progressively challenge your balance are brilliant for keeping you steady on your feet. Pilates encourages your body to develop balance strategies within a supportive environment, so that when out of the studio environment, you have the tools to keep yourself upright and in a good posture. Balance exercises strengthen the stabilising muscles around your ankles, knees and hips, and also the core muscles and spinal stabilisers. Keeping these muscles working efficiently is absolutely vital for supporting the spine and all the major joints.

Pilates classes older adults Sussex

Pilates encourages good posture 

Correct posture reduces headaches, neck strain and back complaints, and even improves the way we breathe! It can become more challenging to keep an upright posture as the body ages- after years of life experience the joints become prone to wear and tear and very commonly, a stooped posture develops. Pilates efficiently trains the postural muscles surrounding the spine and develops a level of postural awareness that will transfer over to your other weekly activities or hobbies. Optimum posture ensures muscular balance, reduced sprain on the joints and the spine, and even greater breathing capacity.

Pilates classes older adults Sussex

Pilates works to maintain bone health 

It is true for all of us that our bones become less-dense as we age. If you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, maintaining healthy bones is ever more important. Exercises that are weight-bearing and that use light resistance are particularly beneficial to maintain the density of our bones, and can be easily incorporated into a Pilates programme using body weight, resistance bands and other pieces of small equipment. The gentle and varied nature of bone-loading exercises in our Platinum Pilates classes help to maintain healthy, strong bones and to minimise the risk factors associated with falls or fractures.

Pilates classes older adults Sussex

Pilates improves whole body strength and creates a sleeker, taller body

Pilates focuses on quality of movement to strengthen all muscles equally. By focusing on all the major muscle groups, Pilates develops whole body strength that focuses on lean muscular development. After attending regular sessions, you will feel stronger and more able to perform all your regular activities. We use a range of small equipment such as resistance bands and circles, small weighted balls and foam rollers to add strength and also support to many of the exercises.

Pilates classes older adults Sussex

Our new Platinum Pilates classes are starting mid-October at the Henfield Leisure Centre on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. These classes are suitable for all abilities and fitness levels and are tailored specifically with older adults in mind. Due to the low impact and gentle nature of the exercises included they are particularly beneficial for those with joint issues, arthritis and osteoporosis. Spaces are limited and booking closes on the 14th of October. Phone now on 01273 495911 to book your 1:1 assessment and reserve your place.