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Pilates & Walking Strong programmes

Pilates and Walking Strong Specialist programmes in West Sussex

We have had many requests from you all to launch another Pilates and Walking course. For those of you who are new to the courses, here are a couple of FAQs to really give you a flavour of what these specialist courses entail…

Q. What are the Pilates & Walking Strong courses all about?
A. These are 4-week courses designed to extend the benefits of your Pilates sessions outside of the studio! The sessions are 60 minutes long and use a highly effective 4-part process to teach you how to incorporate Pilates principles into your everyday walking and improve your style for maximum benefit.

Q. Who are the courses for?
A. Any of our regular Pilates attendees of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. You don’t need to be an experienced walker and could simply want to include more walking into your week, or you could be a regular walker who wants to improve how they walk and build on fitness and stamin

Q. What can I expect from the weekly sessions?
A. Expect fun, varied and informative sessions shared with like-minded people. You will begin at the Henfield Leisure Centre, led by Liz who will introduce walking routes and techniques that will progressively build your fitness and stamina whilst exploring the hidden gems that Henfield has to offer. We will also be offering weekly home programmes so you can gain the very most from the course. These will include exercises to improve mobility of the feet, ankles and hips to increase stride length, walking gait and whole body posture when walking.

Q. How will the course benefit your Pilates classes AND daily movement?
A. Without stating the obvious, we just LOVE Pilates! We love the benefits it gives and how it makes us feel; the increased energy levels, whole body strength, improvements to posture, the list goes on…However, whilst Pilates is brilliant, we recognise it is vital to include other types of activity that get you off the Pilates mat, delivering cardiovascular benefits and functional fitness.

We believe that walking is the answer. It is low-impact, builds stamina and improves mobility of the hips and ankles. The course is designed to help you integrate your Pilates knowledge into your walking technique. The result will be better posture, a more efficient alignment of the joints, and even improved breathing capacity. Ultimately, by simply ‘walking better’ you can access the full range of fantastic benefits that walking has to offer.

Pilates and Walking Strong will be starting mid-May on Wednesdays at 5pm. For more information or to reserve your place now, contact Liz by email here