A. The most effective, safe and beneficial way to start would be to join one of our Absolute Beginners Pilates Courses. These run regularly throughout the year in addition to our regular timetable. You will learn the key principles of Pilates and all the basic Pilates moves so that you are then ready to join one of our regular classes.

A. Pilates is highly recommended as a safe and effective method of exercising and is often used to support rehabilitation. We often liaise with physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, to support injury rehabilitation and post-surgery recovery.

It is important that your teacher is aware of any injuries before you embark on an exercise program, so that we can give you individual advice and modify exercises to suit your needs. In some cases, we would obtain advice from your GP, Physiotherapist or Osteopath before you start. Contact us to talk through any queries or concerns further.

A. Currently, due to the stringent Covid-19 protocols that we have in place, you will need to bring your own mat and a hand towel to your class.

For any additional small equipment, we also operate a popular ‘kit loaning system’, giving each of our In-Studio classes the opportunity to benefit from using a piece of small equipment from our collection. Please do ask us about this, or if you would like us to recommend a supplier for you to purchase your own equipment.

A. All newcomers to our Pilates classes, are required to attend a 1:1 Pilates introduction, or small group workshop, prior to attending our group sessions. These appointments introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates, and how to effectively integrate these into your movements, so that you can gain the very most from your group sessions. It also gives us the valuable opportunity to see how you move, to observe your posture, and understand fully your individual needs and objectives, so that we can work together to achieve the results you are seeking. Get in touch to book your class introduction here.
A. Comfortable clothing in which you can move freely is ideal e.g. t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. We practice Pilates barefoot or in socks.
A. Pilates during pregnancy can support and strengthen your body during this very special but also challenging time. To reap the most benefits from Pilates during pregnancy, we usually recommend attending 1:1 Pilates sessions with one of our expert teachers, so we can truly understand your goals and tailor your Pilates programme to you and your individual needs. We may also liaise with your healthcare practitioner during this time to ensure you receive the very most from your programme. Find out more about our 1:1 Pilates sessions here.
A. When you join our Pilates classes you can expect a warm, friendly welcome and a professional approach. We usually dim the lights and use aromatherapy oils to create a calm, nurturing atmosphere. Even when our classes are at full capacity, we make time to work with everyone as an individual to ensure that each and every client can reap the life-changing benefits that Pilates brings..
A. Click here to find out more about the APPI Clinical Pilates and our own approach to Pilates..
A. The ideal frequency would be three times a week, but for most people this can be difficult to manage with today's busy lifestyles! However, you can utilise what you learn in your Pilates classes during your daily life as you become more aware of how you move, stand, sit and walk etc. Home practise is also of great benefit, even if it is only for 10 minutes a day! Our Pilates on Demand memberships are a wonderful way of topping up your class experience a few times per week. We upload fresh videos and send these to your email inbox every week, at every level from beginners to advanced. You are then free to stream these online, anytime you choose. Find out more about our Pilates on Demand service here.
A. HIP Pilates- High Intensity Power Pilates, offers a whole body conditioning and cardiovascular program. The foundations of HIP Pilates lie within the precision, flow & technique of the Pilates method. Classes use hand weights and expertly choreographed sequences, to create an incredibly effective workout. These are designed to improve fitness, flexibility & core strength, in order to create a longer, leaner body. Our HIP classes are appropriate for injury-free individuals, with or without previous Pilates experience. It is ideal for those who desire a strong workout giving the ultimate challenge whilst maintaining focus on technique, posture and alignment of your joints.

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A. We are dedicated to providing expert, safe and effective Pilates tuition to all our clients. Our teachers are comprehensively trained, and qualified to Level 3 National standard. We truly believe that for continued integrity and professionalism that continued development within our industry is essential. As such, we frequently attend Continued Professional Development workshops and courses to ensure that we uphold excellent standards of teaching that follow the most current research into human physiology. Find out more about us and our Pilates training here.
A. Contact us today to find out how you to start your Pilates classes or for an informal chat about how Pilates could help you on
01273 495911/07766077612 or send an email to info@pilatesevolved.co.uk