Pilates Online

Practicing Pilates online is ideal for those wishing to reap the benefits of Pilates,
from the comfort and flexibility of their own space.

When you attend class virtually with us, you can expect the same feel-good experience, a complete whole body program, and great attention to detail, as you would normally receive within our In-Studio classes.

Online Pilates Classes

We offer dedicated online Pilates classes, and Livestream sessions beamed from our studios, so that you can enjoy and benefit from Pilates with guidance from your teacher. Enjoy the same small-group environment that you would from the studio, with individual modifications and feedback from your teacher so that you can achieve the maximum benefit from your classes. 

We use a variety of small equipment, to add challenge and support to our online Pilates classes. We have a popular ‘kit loaning system’ in place to support our clients practicing from home, and are also more than happy to point you in the direction of where to purchase these items, which can also be frequently substituted with household items. 

There is no specialist tech equipment required, just a device, an internet connection, and your body! Our online classes are all streamed via Zoom, and we frequently offer a trial run of the setup, for newcomers to this platform. We are well practiced with online teaching, and will be more than happy to help if you have any questions, so please do get in touch.

Pilates On-Demand

Our Pilates On-Demand service offers you the opportunity to access, and stream classes with us online, at any time you choose. You can expect the same flowing, concise choreography as is available in our group classes, and a whole body workout, accessible anytime, and from anywhere with an internet connection. 

We record and upload fresh classes at every level, on a regular basis, and send these direct to your inbox. Our extensive archive of 100+ classes, and more, are all available for you to access as part of your membership, and include sessions from 30 to 60 minute duration, so that you can align your Pilates practice, with your life and its demands. 

Pilates On-Demand members also enjoy access to our full Movement Snack collection, and regular additions to our Bonus Video collection. These 10-15 minute focused videos offer an ideal add-on to any home program, and focus on specific needs, goals, or pieces of small equipment.

The majority of the classes require no specific equipment, apart from household items, although we are more than happy to recommend suppliers should you wish to purchase Pilates kit for home use.

Key Benefits

Pilates anytime

Pilates on Demand offers the ability to tune in and move with us, anytime that suits. Choose the level, and duration of your classes, and access anytime the ‘feel-good factor’ that Pilates brings.

Join us anywhere

Roll out your mat and join us, from home, the office, or your holidays! Our online classes offer a convenient solution so that you can align your classes with your life commitments.

Levelled, small groups

Zoom classes are organised by ability level, and progression is encouraged. We cap our numbers and keep group sizes small, to ensure individual feedback and guidance.